Why I want to travel-a non-traveler's wistful manifestation

Vaibhavi Mane

October 29, 2021 | 410 Views |

Traveling as a livelihood has been my dream since I was young girl. Here is a little more into why that is.

Looking up places to travel to, reading articles about traveling, dreaming about it, planning my little imaginary trips, is like a breath of fresh air. But then I close all the tabs and sigh wistfully. I wish I could just sprout wings and fly away. Fly over the world, stopping in each city for a brief moment, looking at its people and culture, basking in its beauty. I wish I were a bird so that I could travel for free because God damn it, it’s expensive!

In my mundane lockdown schedule of waking it at 10-11 am, brushing my teeth, having my plain cereal with plain milk, then taking my laptop and writing about wedding venues the whole, the mere thought of roaming the streets of Istanbul fills me up with a strange excitement and a feeling of joy settles in the pit of my stomach. It’s amazing and amazingly sad at the same time.

I went to Goa with my now ex-boyfriend and a group of friends in February. It treated me well. We would have a very...interesting...breakfast of bread, cheese, and nachos every day before heading out. It tasted good, dry though. Definitely unhealthy. We went to a few beaches, a few shacks, and Fontainhas. No churches though because apparently, it's a very cliche thing to visit churches when in Goa. Well, if the cliche sports an elegant Portuguese architecture, with every arch and brick and motif well-preserved, spiraling into this magnificent creation in front of your eyes, then I don’t mind the cliche. If the cliche gives you this sense of warmth and comfort because thousands of people leave their prayers behind every day, then I don’t mind it.

Oh, wait! We did go to the Old Goa church. It was everything described above and much more.

The trip was a fun one. I got to spend all the hours in all four days with my ex-boyfriend. Tried out some amazing food. Got my first tattoo! I fell in love with Goa because I think it got me closer to myself.

But Goa isn’t enough. I want to go to Rome, and Paris, and Santorini, and Moscow, and Cappadocia, and Antalya, and Bali, and Madrid, and London, and Sydney, and Havana, and I can’t even think of any more places but I just want to go!

I think traveling will bring me the emancipation I need. I think I’ll be happier when I travel.

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Vaibhavi Mane
Vaibhavi Mane
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