Vulnerability 101

Sukanya Mukherjee

June 06, 2020 | 1902 Views |

Vulnerability- What's the first thought of your when you hear someone say it? Personally attacked, emotionally open, or physical involvement. Let's take a look at these various aspects.

Vulnerability- Such a leniently used word without knowing the etymology. This is my first post on the blog and I have chosen this topic after a lot of personal experience, thinking, and choices made in life. Living in 2020 has so far not been grateful to many. Apart from the devastating Corona Virus pandemic, the imposed lockdown has let us into a world full of varied scenarios and possibilities. We have gotten so much time to analyze ourselves, reflect on our life decisions, come closer with our families, or maybe grown apart; this turmoil of emotional flow tends us to become vulnerable.

Being vulnerable in a statutory meaning means- opening up, personal/physically attacked, or helpless in between certain people or circumstances. Psychologically stating being Vulnerable doesn't necessarily have to be weak, exposed, or incompetent, it just means you are courageous enough to be yourself without the fear of having "Nothing to Lose" attitude in your mind and heart. What makes you happy, choked up, or secret fantasies/desires. Because let's face it until and unless you are open to facing your vulnerability, the world around you tries to toy with your insecurities. My lesson this Quarantine was to open up more, which wasn't easy being an Ambivert (introvert infused with extroversion). You never know the shoulder you are using to cry your thoughts away might use them to weaken your morale. But that doesn't mean you aren't allowed to be Vulnerable.

Search that old-school Slambook of yours and you are bound to find a couple of human beings who make you feel best about yourself in every goddamn situation. Vulnerability doesn't cater to certain criteria of humans, it's from those helpless migrant laborers walking 100's of miles barefoot to the rich folk feeling restless at night with central air-conditioning. It's never easy to be weak and exposed, but allowing yourself to feel weak or Vulnerable is certainly the highest act of courage anyone can experience. Start talking to your sibling, that kind of close Facebook friend, maybe your modern-minded parents, and experience an emotional catharsis pouring down those toxic doubts you feel suffocated with on sleepless nights.

There is no certain age in which your insecurities or fears will fade away but communicating about them will certainly make your mind stronger. If you feel weak in speaking, start writing your feelings- be it anger, hatred, fear, heartbreak, rejection, abuses, and let it all out. Allow yourself to be vulnerable but keep in mind with the right people or resources. Go ahead be vulnerable and experience mental bliss within yourself. Your vulnerability holds that courage and peace you've been finding all this while.

Sukanya Mukherjee
Sukanya Mukherjee
Well, I am getting back in the blogging game, because what I can't speak at anyone's face I am better off expressing them via writing.