To My Numbered Infinity

Ariba Khan

August 08, 2022 | 426 Views |

There is an infinity between the numbered days and that is where you and I are alive, that is where our love thrives.

My world was a chaos

but you chose to stay for a while

Carrying my insanity

You offered a limited paradise

In your eyes, I could see

My world being set free

but with an expiration date

Shattering all my dreams

With fading marks on our bodies

And losing the feel of our touch

Came in the brutal reality

Plucking the flowers of my love

The smiles we smiled together

The tears you wiped off my cheeks

One truth- you being my happy place

My sense of Euphoria now bleeds

My nights ended being wrapped in your arms

That's where my days began

Soon we met the horizon

And the fairytale ended

Our blankets are different now

Our fingers are not intertwined

We sleep under the same moon

But our stars are not aligned

Maybe your heart is cold

Guarded by the wall of stone

The heat of love melts away the ice

Crumbling down the rock so high

Maybe in the parallel universe

You and I are meant to be

And in this real world

You are just my Numbered Infinity!

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Ariba Khan
Ariba Khan
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