The Garden of Love

Hammaad Sheikh

July 07, 2020 | 1037 Views |

This piece named 'The Garden of Love' is a skillfully written piece of poetry which masterfully compare love with a garden using a metaphor and portrays the author himself strolling through the garden in search of the perfect fruit.

I paved my way,

through the garden of green,

A garden so green or a garden of dreams?

I walked by fruits,

And each one caught my eye,

But none really pleased me,

So I left a sigh.

Then at the far corner,

Was you standing there,

A sigh of belief,

Not a sigh of despair.

The garden was dark,

And I walked alone.

I had to pave a way

And as a light, you had shone.

Out of the million fruits,

You were the apple I chose,

Not a pathway to sin,

But as a way to heaven, you rose.

Hammaad Sheikh
Hammaad Sheikh
Writing is something I cherish with my whole heart. For me, it's a way of expressing myself as well as a tunnel to escape reality and dive into my own precious mind.