Ariba Khan

June 13, 2018 | 1236 Views |

World of illusion we all dream of and the way we live in it more than accepting the harsh reality of life.

Looking at the empty walls

Decorated with loneliness

Beyond sees the eyes

Holding the drop to be shed

The secret left to be spoken

Unheard but stays within

In the broken untold story

Silence creep in the backyard

No one dares to look back

End is what everyone believes

Stranded you stand there

Searching to get out of it

The more you to try to let it go

The more it pulls you in

Darker becomes the shades of truth

And you go beneath

Pulling you out is the ray of light

The last inch of hope

Nobody will stand beside

Only you can be your shadow

Ariba Khan
Ariba Khan
Every new journey leads to a new destination and writing is the most beautiful journey for me!