Love Or Lust

Sakshi Rawat

November 16, 2018 | 3160 Views |

One so adorable, other so worst

Did you confuse,

finding situation,amused,

playing between two,

without any clue,

the game that will destroy,

something you gonna enjoy,

breaking hearts,

going apart.

Still you chose LUST,

crushing flattering emotions into DUST.

Suppressed the serene feelings,

scepticised existence and believings,

Left in agony, failed to decide,

overflowed emotions unable to hide,

who is to be blamed,

for the LOVE, that got flamed,

Intensifying guilt and regret,

making everything impossible to forget,

compelled to make a choice,

assasination of sentiments and muting voice,

conlude to let go the things,

wait for the perfect LOVE, destiny would bring.

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Sakshi Rawat
Sakshi Rawat
Writing is a way to vent out the emotions amid by the turbulent feelings and of course a voyage from a restless body to a satisfied soul.