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The only thing motivates us is by seeing or hearing success stories, their success journey, how they struggled to achieve their goal and what milestones they set to reach that ultimate goal.

The only thing motivates us is by seeing or hearing success stories, their success journey, how they struggled to achieve their goal and what milestones they set to reach that ultimate goal. Yes, we do plan and make some strategy of how to take steps to reach the goal. Sometimes due to bad situations, we get diverted, but there is one person in our mind called role model by knowing their success stories we feel motivated, something that awakens us and makes us do and take efforts to achieve it!

Yes, when we have that thirst of achieving something we do take efforts, it is just like when you wake up early morning just because you have exams, just think what makes you get up from your bed taking off your blankets and makes you start studying, why? Just because you are serious about what you are doing. During my Engineering, I used to play football with my group people, a mixture of boys and girls. We used to bunk lectures and play football on the public ground near our college many times. I used to google search every time as a Girl's football club in Mumbai, but couldn't find any, I also went to one of Navi Mumbai sports clubs and inquired about any girl clubs playing football but they said they don't have any girls football team. Finally, after completing my engineering, I decided when I will get a job as per schedule I will plan my football practice sessions. Accidentally while scrolling down Instagram feeds I came across 'Mumbai girls football' account, I filled up the google form from their bio and immediately they responded to my form. And thus I joined ROYAL WARRIORS FOOTBALL CLUB. Here I came across a beautiful girl "Shreya Shah", I was amazed when I came to know that she is my coach. I google searched a little bit about her and read one article written in one of the leading newspaper articles about her journey. I really got impressed by her journey. So this article is all about her life story.

A real-life story of a Women Entrepreneur who found her way in life. Shreya Shah, a football coach sets a source of motivation for many young girls who want to play football. She is a physical education instructor at the Arjuna Sports Academy. She used to play football and cricket as well with the colony boys in Mulund. Eventually, she started loving football which she never dreamt of. In the mid of 2013 when she completed her 12th, she was in a search of football clubs in Mulund. Accidentally she came across Tejas Patil who was running boys football club in Mulund.

Tejas Patil, Manager of ‘Falcon Football Club’ helped Shreya as he couldn’t play football at professional level due to personal issues. He gave her practice sessions for free. Later on, Shreya and Tejas decided to create a platform in which they can give training to those girls who really want to play football but can’t afford. They formed a Club named ‘ROYAL WARRIORS FC’ in Mulund. They promoted their Club by creating Facebook pages and Instagram accounts to reach out young girls around Mumbai. They received around 3k+ likes in very less time.

Slowly many new clubs were formed in Vikhroli, Malad, and Borivali. They created Google forms to record the entries. Beginning with 15-30 girls to now running many clubs around Mumbai city,Shreya is living her dream by training girls who want to play football. Currently, Shreya coaches many clubs in Mumbai. Also, she trains football to school going kids. She personally trains every girl while practice sessions, she really wants to make every passionate girl play football professionally. As a woman, she is just living her dream by fulfilling others dream. She believes not only boys can play football, girls too can play football. The organization is running following programmes currently: 1) One Goal One Roof for Mumbai based clubs. 2) One Dream program for outside Mumbai clubs. 3) Grassroots level program. The future plan of this organization heads to promote and make information available about the club, organize practice matches and sponsorships for 10 Mumbai clubs, also aiming to reach other cities around the country. Holding 10 women clubs who are already the part of the organization, they are aiming to reach 50 clubs by the end of 2018 with the responsibility of generating revenue to run clubs with talented coaches.

Kudos to the movement and to its pioneers!

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