Incomplete or Complete

Ariba Khan

May 30, 2018 | 1086 Views |

Just a thought relatable to many of us.

Sometimes we meet someone, we hold their hands and we can hold it for the rest pf our lives.

But, what about sometimes, we meet someone, we fall in love but there is no forever in it.

No matter what chances we take, it is not meant to be.

But no matter what label the world puts on such love stories, it's not unreal, fake or a lie.

These love stories are true and they cannot be more true.

Just as Hazel Grace in Fault In Our Stars said about infinities within numbered days.

Incomplete love stories are just those infinities.

Infinities with memories of what is lost into it.

Infinities where our hearts can wander.

Those infinities are the forever that these love stories couldn't have.

It might have ended for the rest of the world but it does breathes in those infinities.

All love stories are beautiful, some with forevers and some with infinities.

Incomplete but Complete!

Ariba Khan
Ariba Khan
Every new journey leads to a new destination and writing is the most beautiful journey for me!