I Wish I Could

Ariba Khan

May 27, 2020 | 1274 Views |

This quarantine has made us all value every relationship we have in our lives. This poem is dedicated to one such special bond.

I want to press my ears

Against your chest just

To hear how your heart, beats

And, then I could

Slide up a little and

Look at the way you breath

Or, I could see you

Curve your lips

And smile a little

Or, maybe you can run

Your fingers on my body

Until I feel a tickle

Or, maybe I could just sit

Holding your hands

So, your warmth I could feel

Or, maybe you can wrap

Me in your arms

Until my broken heart heals

And, when it's morning

I could wake up beside you

And see your sleepy face

And you can open your eyes

And look into mine

I know, my heart will race

I wish for it

To not be just an illusion

Or be just a dream

I hope someday

You'll be here for me

And, my soul would gleam

Tags: love

Ariba Khan
Ariba Khan
Every new journey leads to a new destination and writing is the most beautiful journey for me!