I Don't Want You!

Ariba Khan

April 03, 2018 | 683 Views |

Miracles happens everyday!

He:- I want to talk to you.

She:- About what?

He:- About us.

She:- What about us?

He:- It’s been a long time since you are my girlfriend but now I feel it’s not

working out between us.

She:- What are you talking about?

He:- We have been through lots of ups and downs. We have struggled a lot with

our relationship just to be together but now it’s not worth to have you as my

girlfriend. Sad memories haunt me and...

She:- We have good memories too. Why are you doing this to me? You can’t just

end this up. It’s been a long time and there was never a single day where

you didn’t say that you love me.

He:- Will you let me complete first. Stop interrupting.

She:- I can’t help it. I can’t let you go. I am afraid to loose you.

He:- But I don’t want you..

She:- But what is my fault?

He:- Let me complete first.

She:- Sorry. I am not able to control my self.

He:- I don’t want you any more as my girlfriend, bad memories haunt me, our

breakups haunt me that I loose you forever. I am fed up of this


fights and I am tired of hundreds of arguments and the worst thing is your

silence after those silly fights and your silence kills me. I can’t handle this any more.

She:- But that’s what we promise to each other when we start a relationship.

You can’t just run away from these things.

He:- I am not running away from these things.

She:- Yes you are. You are ending this up. You don’t want me any more and you

are saying that you are not running away.

He:- I told you that I don’t want you as my girlfriend because..

She:- Because what? God damn it?

He:- Because all our fights and arguments and struggles have made

our relationship stronger and because I want you as my wife

because I want to take this further so Will You marry me?

(Kneeling down and removing the ring out of his pocket).

She:- (Shocked and in tears)Oh My God! Yes.

Ariba Khan
Ariba Khan
Every new journey leads to a new destination and writing is the most beautiful journey for me!