Come Back

Mustaqim Khan

October 09, 2018 | 1071 Views |

A guest Post Edited by Ariba Khan

My day becomes more blue,

as more and more I think of you.

There’s a belief that someday,

these dark clouds would fade away.

I am walking alone down my path,

when I wish to walk beside.

So much is there within, but every word I hide.

Yes, I have this smile,

just thinking of you.

Come back and feel my heart,

you’ll know what’s true.

I am lost between hope and trust,

I see myself turning to dust.

I still feel the zeal in this lonely night,

we ain’t together but I still see the light.

Even though the storm has uprooted us,

tomorrow the sun would shine.

I will keep on waiting till you come to me,

cause that’s where you are destined to be.

So come along and hold my hand,

and I will be there for you till the end!