Manku Sai Bharath

Manku Sai Bharath

Emotions can be of many ways in humans. Writings are the emotions of mine that are shown to the world through words.

Manku Sai Bharath is a Film Enthusiast, Writer, Entrepreneur.

At present, he is pursuing his career in Telugu Film Industry as an Assistant Director and Ghost Script Assistant. Apart from films, he is balancing his time in building the startup named PIXCORTO, a platform for different kinds of artists where they can enhance their skills and get great exposure to their talents.

Stereotype or Wild?
December 31, 2020 | 872 Views |

“And there is time for us to prepare ourselves. For us, it’s more than enough. Together we can rock it.” I tried explaining to her. “Are you going to do that in front of everyone?", She doubted.